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DUSTING and Covid 19


Dusting you say, I HATE dusting!

I avoid it, I tell myself, I’ll do it tomorrow, or maybe on the weekend, or when the spirit moves me, but then someone phones and says “we’re coming for a visit” and then I panic! Now you ask yourself why is she writing about dusting. Well, I have Covid 19 to thank for so little dusting as no one came over. We were alone, and Bill doesn’t care if I dust…..I’m the one who worries about it. My wonderful friend Pat was the Queen of non-dusting. She invited me to a baby shower she was giving for her neighbour. She decorated her home with the baby theme and in a dish on her dining room table was a bowl of confetti. When the gifts were all opened she grabbed a handful of it and threw it in the air. Imagine our surprise when none of it fell down! We looked up and in her chandelier was a beautiful cobweb woven around each arm, and in the bowl of the chandelier was all of the confetti. Pat didn’t miss a beat and she said, “ I left it there so the baby spiders wouldn’t fall out”. Now there was women who really Hated dusting, and entertained whenever she wanted without worrying about judgment.

I on the other hand feel dusting must be done for company and soon the company will start coming and I’ll be so happy. Today seemed like a good day to dust in the living room as I had done the finger test…you know, run your finger over the wood table and take a look at how much dust stays on your finger. I’d done that a month ago and the finger test had been filled in. Two inches seemed to be about right for dusting day. I assembled all my products to get ready - Windex for the glass table tops, furniture polish for the lovely wood tables, feather duster for the chandelier, long fluffy thing for walls and pictures, a damp cloth and dry cloth for the window ledges, and my music, hot dancing music, to get my exercise so I can drop the pounds I’ve put on during Covid.

And now the dusting is done. YEAH! And as I leave my living room full of the clean smells, I Iook back for the final inspection. Everything is shiny, the sun shines on this room, and what do I see? A million dust mites flying through the air ready to land and they are all laughing at me!!!! Oh well, maybe next year, I’ll do it again.

Last Updated on: 2021-05-05