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It breaks my heart that I have to inform you that after much discussion, the Centre's Board of Directors have decided, due to the mask restrictions and BC remaining at stage 3, the Centre will not reopen on Tuesday September 7th.  …

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Dear Senior Centre Members,

It’s with great regret that we the members of the Board have decided not to open the Centre on September 7, 2021. The continuance of COVID 19 and the Delta variant and the new order to use masks once again leaves us no choice but to wait until we have a green light to continue with our many planned programs. The Board was so looking forward to seeing our Centre filled with your laughter and your many stories, but I know you’ll save this for when we can open with no hesitation.…

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Happy Summer Everyone,

We have lots of News to tell you in this Newsletter. The Centre will be having a Meet and Greet time, August 3rd to August 6th from 10:00 to 2:00 and we’ll be having cake and cookies, coffee and tea as a treat for you. The Board members will be there to answer any of your questions and ask YOU if you could spare a few hours to help out with the programs that will be offered in the Fall, beginning on September 7th. We will be looking for Kitchen helpers, for fitness classes, for money collectors, Bingo callers and cashiers, and I hope for greeters who will be welcoming back all our members. This Greet time will really go well if you tell your friends and neighbours, who haven’t yet registered and paid for their dues, to get our Centre off to a fabulous start. IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED IF YOU’VE HAD YOUR SHOTS, or at least one shot, for the betterment of all.…

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Dusting you say, I HATE dusting!

I avoid it, I tell myself, I’ll do it tomorrow, or maybe on the weekend, or when the spirit moves me, but then someone phones and says “we’re coming for a visit” and then I panic! Now you ask yourself why is she writing about dusting. Well, I have Covid 19 to thank for so little dusting as no one came over. We were alone, and Bill doesn’t care if I dust…..I’m the one who worries about it. My wonderful friend Pat was the Queen of non-dusting. She invited me to a baby shower she was giving for her neighbour. She decorated her home with the baby theme and in a dish on her dining room table was a bowl of confetti. When the gifts were all opened she grabbed a handful of it and threw it in the air. Imagine our surprise when none of it fell down! We looked up and in her chandelier was a beautiful cobweb woven around each arm, and in the bowl of the chandelier was all of the confetti. Pat didn’t miss a beat and she said, “ I left it there so the baby spiders wouldn’t fall out”. Now there was women who really Hated dusting, and entertained whenever she wanted without worrying about judgment.…

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Library Update


by Kate Walter, the New Librarian

We now have a third bookcase for our library. The two bookcases just outside the handicapped washroom have all of the normal sized paperback books. They are alphabetized, starting with the AAAs in the top left corner of the left-hand bookcase, and ending with the ZZZs in the bottom right corner of the right-hand bookcase.…

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A Spring Hello to all our members,

It’s time once again to keep you all informed as to what’s happening at the Centre, and also to tell you about the people who are volunteering their time and energy to keep our Centre safe and secure. The Board who you elected are going into the Centre 3 times a week for insurance purposes and keeping watch over the premises. We have a gated area in the front of our building to deter anyone from entering our front door, something new you will see when you return to the many programs we’ll be offering in the future. We also have a Board meeting once a month to discuss what we’ll need to change before people can once again enjoy their Centre home.…

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Hello and welcome to all our members. to our first newsletter of the New Year. With the Covid 19 pandemic out there this past year, things have changed everywhere. As you are aware, our Senior Centre is closed for now. Our fingers are crossed that we might have an early fall opening.…

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Hello Fellow Seniors: Welcome to a new year of Special Events, Cards, Tile Rummy and Exercise! Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. The week of January 13th brought us to close the center due to poor weather conditions. We are now back at it and hopefully, the weather will improve with each day.…

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Welcome to our 2nd issue of our Newsletter. It’s that time of the year again, Christmas!….

Some Dates to Remember:

  • November 30 @ 10:00AM – Decorating for Christmas and Potluck Lunch to follow.
  • December 6th – All Activities are canceled for that day so we can set up for The Choir Concert.
  • December 7 – The Choir will be having a concert here at the Senior Center @ 2:00 pm. The cost is $10.00 for non-members and $7.00 for members.
  • December 18- Last day of Chair Yoga and Chair Fitness until January 7.
  • December 19 – Last day Fitness until January 7.
  • December 25, 26, 27 and January 1st – Senior Center will be closed for Christmas Holidays.

* A Reminder that membership for the upcoming year are due on January 1, 2020.

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