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January 2023 Newsletter

2023-01-29 Last Updated on: 2023-01-31

To our Favourite Honoured Citizens,

Sorry for the lateness of this newsletter, it’s been a busy month for me as well as the Centre. We started off with our Ukrainian lunch and what a hit that was. Our 40 tickets were sold out in 1 day, which tells us we should do this more often as so many guests told us how good!!!! wonderful!!!! and enjoyable this luncheon was. The volunteers were thanked often, and many compliments given on the decorations. Danielle Swann always makes our Centre an enjoyable space to be in. The volunteers, RoseAnna, Bev, Wendy, Louise, Kate, Jerye, Liz, Cheryl, and Wendy were the preparers, and working in the wings to make it all run smoothly were Patti, Sharon, Cheryl, Jerye, Donna, Liz, Bea, and Donna. Our draw was also appreciated, as 2 lunches and a lovely gift were given away to be savoured later, what a great day! Thank you volunteers for all your help and making this day so successful.

Our next luncheon will be on March 18, 2023, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll receive more information about this in February.

Cheryl Colborne, one of our new Directors, investigated a workshop, or talk, on seniors being scammed by very bad people. This is the information we’ve received regarding this action. RCMP Officer Michael Garland will be doing a presentation at the Bradley Centre on Wednesday, February 22, at 10:00 a.m. entitled “Frauds, Cons, Schemes and Scams”. The focus will be how to recognize these actions and report them to the RCMP. This is the link to the Frauds and Cams sign up;
Make sure you sign up for this presentation to protect yourselves. I read and hear often of our fellow elders being abused in this manner.

We are happy to announce a new class to offer you. Fran Carrat, a very talented artist has offered to teach a “Painting for Pleasure” with acrylic paints, beginning on Monday February 6th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Fran will provide everything needed to begin this course materials cost $15.00 per person, and drop-in charge is $4.00 a session. It will run for 6 weeks. You will need to sign-up for this course by calling the office (250) 586-5999 as there are only 10 seats available. I’ve known Fran for many years and I know how talented this lady is. You will have fun with her! She has even taught 2 blind people to paint, so try something you’ve never done before.

Something else to think about, do any of you want to have Scrabble, Tile rummy, or crib during the week? If so, let the Centre know by adding your name to a list and we’ll give you a call if it’s happening.

Cheryl Colborne has been busy doing new things to benefit the Centre. She approached our local stores in town, Thrifty’s, and Save-on Foods and much to our delight they both gave us gift certificates. One has also given us a recurring discount for our special events. She was waiting to hear back from Quality Foods and at this time I haven’t heard anything to report. Nana and Papa’s Bakery have been fabulous giving us bread for our lunches every week, so make sure when you’re in their store to thank them for this service. If you’ve never gone to this bakery, you are really missing out on very special treats!!!!! We would also like to thank Island Cleaning ad Susan Forrest, Realtor, for their continual support. Thank you Cheryl for all your hard work.

The month’s winner of the Thrifty’s gift certificate is Sheila Coulbourn. See, it pays to pay your membership dues!!! Have YOU paid your dues yet?

Years ago I wrote a cookbook with a friend, and we decided to give words of wisdom as little endings on the pages. I was looking up a favourite recipe and I came upon this. I hope it gives you something to think about in this New Year of 2023.

The Best of Gifts
To your enemy...............................forgiveness
To your opponent...........................tolerance
To a friend......................................your heart
To a customer.................................service
To those in
To every child.................................a good example
To yourself......................................respect

We, at the Seniors Centre wish all of you a great New Year, good health, and many blessings. I’m looking forward to seeing all your happy faces, and if there is something you would like to see in the Newsletter, call the office and let me know what you want.

Bev Swann

Last Updated on: 2023-01-31