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July 2022 Newletter

2022-07-30 Last Updated on: 2022-08-01

I know you’ve been waiting for this newsletter to let you know when we’ll be closed for the floor renovation. The Centre will be closed from August 4th till September 6th the grand showing!!!! On that day there will be “free” coffee or tea with goodies, for you to enjoy when you come for a visit.

Before that day we will need a volunteer work party to come help us make everything shipshape! It will be on Friday, September 2nd at 10:00AM and lunch will be served, but what we need from you is an email to the Centre so we know how many of you will be there. Our Centre is your home too, and I know many of you will be happy to come and make our Centre the welcoming place it is. We also will need a volunteer painter to do some patch up work; again, I’ll ask you to email us. Our email address is

At our Board meeting, it was once again decided to continue to ask for proof of vaccination. We still have COVID around us and everyone knows someone who has just had it. For all our continued good health we will enforce this rule.

The winner of the gift certificate this month is Sheila Howlett; congratulations Sheila, it pays you to pay your dues. Call the centre before it closes for your gift card.

We have many bakers and cooks at our Centre who make wonderful things for us to eat. I was very lucky to have a small piece of Liz Cameron’s lovely Lemon Yogurt Loaf, it was delicious, and I was so pleased it was a Diabetic recipe. I am a type 1 diabetic and love new recipes so I thought you might enjoy this as well. I also must tell you if you haven’t been to the Centre on a Tuesday, you’re missing the fantastic scones made by Jerye. She also makes the hot lunches on Friday and anyone who’s had them raves about them. When our Centre reopens, you’ll have to sign up for a Friday hot meal and find out what you’ve been missing.

Today it’s hot outside and it’s sunny and the garden is growing. I know it’s hard not to complain about the heat but just a couple of weeks ago I was listening to my friends and family talk about how cold it had been and when would the rain stop [it’s now been 20 days since it’s rained]. We are a fickle group of people! Those of us who live here live in the best place ever, we can go to the park, dip our toes in the ocean, sit under a tree, watch the children laughing and yelling, eat a sandwich or buy fish and chips, have a picnic and look at the beautiful scenery all around us. If we’re looking at people in bathing suits, we’re mostly old and who cares if you’re out of shape all the other people are too!! What fun. So, get out of your house go sightseeing [people watching] because before you know it will be Fall!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in September, be nice, care about others, share your air conditioner with a friend if they don’t have one, and be good to yourselves.

Bev Swann

Last Updated on: 2022-08-01