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June 2022 Newsletter

2022-06-19 Last Updated on: 2022-07-14

Hi Everyone,

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads and to all you Mom’s who were Mom and Dad together, thank you for all that you did. We are of an age that we now can look back and be grateful for raising our children in a different time, a slower time, and many of us are now Great Grandparents as well as Nana’s and Papa’s. How many stories we can tell our children’s children and great grandchildren. On Friday night we watched the wonderful display of old cars come down Temple Street. This truly was a trip down memory lane. I watched my husband Bill telling our son Richard about cars he drove and what he should look for as the cars became newer. I’d forgotten how smelly the exhaust fumes were back then, and how the cars would lay rubber! Living in Parksville brings back lots of memories every Father’s Day weekend; a big thank you to all that brought their treasured cars here for us to enjoy, and all the folks who give so much of their time for this event. It was a fun way to spend a Friday evening with our friends, family, and neighbours waving, talking, and remembering, the way we were.

Now for some Centre’s news: Pam our Fitness Instructor will have to cancel her Thursday 10:00 a.m. class if attendance stays as low as it currently is. Where is Everybody???? If you want to look good in that Bikini (or shorts and top) you have to exercise those muscles, beach time is just around the corner, and by the weekend it will be 28 degrees.

Bag baseball is put on hold from now to September because of low attendance.

We are working with the foot care nurse to have her come twice a month if her work schedule allows it. Our nurse Samantha has become very popular and is well liked by all.

Proof of vaccination will continue to be required for another month and we will review this monthly. For the goodness of all, we will watch our healthy stay that way.

Kay Toth won the Thrifty’s gift certificate this month. Every month we have a draw of our paid-up members to add a little spice to your lives! It’s fun for us to do this, and we are happy when everyone pays their dues on time.

Have a great month, take in the beach, go swimming in the Ocean, be good to one another.

Bev Swann

Last Updated on: 2022-07-14