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Newletter #5, May 2021


A Spring Hello to all our members,

It’s time once again to keep you all informed as to what’s happening at the Centre, and also to tell you about the people who are volunteering their time and energy to keep our Centre safe and secure. The Board who you elected are going into the Centre 3 times a week for insurance purposes and keeping watch over the premises. We have a gated area in the front of our building to deter anyone from entering our front door, something new you will see when you return to the many programs we’ll be offering in the future. We also have a Board meeting once a month to discuss what we’ll need to change before people can once again enjoy their Centre home.

“The wonderful Board “ are people you should know about; without any form of payment, they give you their time and energy. They just volunteer!!!!!!

President Liz Hintz: Liz came to the Centre in 2013 and became the Kitchen Director first, and then in 2015 was elected President. She is married, has two sons, and two grandchildren, a boy and girl. Liz told me she has always given back to the community she’s lived in. Enjoying Seniors has been part of Liz’s life as she has worked in Seniors homes, and found it very rewarding. When I first came to the Centre, Liz was the first person I talked to and I remember thinking how welcoming she was,.. making me feel comfortable and welcome. I knew she would be my friend, and how right I was. We are so lucky to have her as our President. Thank you Liz for being who you are and what you have done for the Centre

Patti Cloutier: Patti is not only our Treasurer, she is also our Secretary. She has been with the Center since 2013 and joined the Board in 2016 and became the Treasurer in 2017 and then added the Secretary job to become the lady who wears too many hats!!!!! Patti worked for the Ontario Government from October 1971 until retirement in 1999. She was married and has two children a son and daughter and they in turn have given her eight grandchildren, all boys. When Patti’s husband passed away, she decided to move to Parksville, and came to the Centre to meet new friends. She’s done that and more! There has never been a question too hard that Patti wouldn’t answer or find the answer for me. Her dedication shows in everything she does. Patti does not want to be a secretary any longer than she has to, and would be very happy to show any member interested in this position the how to’s. Thank you Patti for all your hard work.

Please let the Center know if you could help with this job.

Sandi Langenhan: Sandi is our Kitchen Director. She has been with the Centre since 2014 and quickly became the go-to person in our kitchen. Sandi was raised on the Island and came back to retire. She is married and has a son and daughter and two grandchildren. Sandi was a stay-at-home Mom, (one of the lucky ones) so being in the kitchen was the place to be. The kitchen is truly the heart of a home and, as of right now, there are only five volunteers who help her; this is not enough. If possible she would like 10 or more to keep the 2 shifts open 9AM to 1:00PM and 1:00PM to 3:30. Many hands make light work; think about this when the Centre opens. Thank you Sandi for being such a hands-on person and filling in where needed!

Bev Swann: I joined the Board last Fall. I wasn’t sure where I would fit in, so I am the Board member who writes the Newsletter you’re reading. We’ll see where else I can fit in when we’re up and running. My name is Bev Swann and I’ve lived in Parksville since 2004. I’ve always volunteered because I enjoy working and meeting like-minded people, people who enjoy giving back to the community where they live. I’m married and have five children, 4 daughters and 1 son, and twelve grandchildren, one great grandchild and two more on the way.

I believe the Centre fills a need in the community and now with not having a Community Centre (Parksville’s shame) it is needed more than ever. People need people and many of us have never know such loneliness as it’s been during Covid 19. We need to care about each other, and in doing so we receive care back. Who knew how important a smile would be on an open face without a mask, or a big hug from a friend! We will pay attention to those around us and having a great Seniors Centre will make our lives better.

Lisa Moulatsiotis: Our final member who just came on the Board is Lisa Moulatsiotis. Lisa is knowledgeable, funny, sweet, and a very hard worker. I know she will be an asset to any endeavour the Centre undertakes. Lisa has been a volunteer in this community since 1998 and knows the importance of giving back. Lisa is also my cousin who I have only known since 2006 (now that’s another story) and I know how hard she works in all that she undertakes. Lisa is married and has a son and a daughter.

This is your Board, and we’ll all be looking forward to seeing your wonderful faces, hopefully soon. Remember to count your blessings. One person can make a difference….especially when that person is you!

New Busines

The Board decided to give us all something to look forward to, so as of next month, we will be doing Monthly draws starting next month May 19th to give away a Thrifty Foods $20.00 gift card just to thank you for paying your dues. Please tell your friends who haven’t joined to get their membership paid soon and they may get lucky!

Last Updated on: 2021-05-05