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November 2021 Newletter

2021-11-03 Last Updated on: 2021-11-12

Hi Everyone,

You are receiving this Newsletter early as we’re busy preparing for our wonderful Craft / Bake / and Book Sale on Saturday, November 27th, 2021, from 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM. At the time of me typing this, we have 5 more Craft tables left for some very lucky people and the cost per table is $25.00. We are waiting for your call, as to what baking you wish to donate, and the books that are just lying around at your house gathering dust that someone is looking forward to reading. We also have posters at the Centre to be hung where people will see them, and want to come to our sale. If you know a place that has lots of people traffic, give the Centre a call that you need one and we’ll put it aside for you.

The Centre will be closed on Friday the 26th so we can get prepared for the next day. For volunteers and crafters, the Centre will be open from 9:00 AM till 12:00 noon on the 26th for set-up. We have a very talented musician, Willie Harris, who will be playing a keyboard of lovely Christmas mood music for us, and I know you’ll want to come to the Centre just to hear her play!!!

We will have the Kitchen available for coffee, tea for $1.00 and sandwiches for $4.00 for the Crafters and volunteers “Only”, on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces on this special day.

The Centre has a full slate of Board Members to run the Centre. We are all volunteers who give of our time to make all of us Happy!! Our President is Liz Hintz, Treasurer: Patti Cloutier, Secretary: Kate Walter, Directors: Sandi Langenhan, Bev Swann, Lisa Moulatsiotis, Willie Harris, Kirsteen Mclean, and Barb Connolly. I was disappointed that more members did not come out for our A.G.M. and I hope we will see a difference next year.

Sandi Langenhan, our Director in charge of the kitchen asked me to give you the Friday hot meals menu for the month. Please call the kitchen at 250-248-3200 if you plan on attending on a Friday.

  • November 5th Cabbage Rolls
  • November 12th Spaghetti
  • November 19th Stew
  • November 26th, the Centre will be closed for our set-up.

KINDNESS always wins: On Easter Sunday I was complaining to my husband Bill that the Easter Bunny had forgotten me and never left me an Easter Egg. Now, I am a diabetic and I don’t usually want chocolate but for some reason I wanted some. I then continued to read the newspaper when something was making a noise, I looked up and there was a six foot Easter Bunny hopping towards my chair with his paws outstretched and holding something. His nose was wrinkling and his eyes were looking at my hands so I held them face up in front of me and guess what happened? He dropped two little peanut butter cups into them, the best peanut butter cups I’ve ever eaten. I couldn’t help but laugh at my 6 foot Bunny jumping up and down and I thought to myself that even after 53 years he still tries to please me. Since that Sunday morning, my Bunny has given me one little peanut butter cup every evening with my cup of coffee, he never talks to me he just hops away, and I’ve never figured out where he hides the chocolate. You can bet that the Easter Bunny gets lots of treats in return ----- and “Oh Yeah, I like to bake too”!!!! Kindness my friends, always comes back to you, think of your friends, family, or neighbours, when you bake, or make soup, or shop, or phone to tell them you’re missing the sound of their voice. Someone will be so happy you did and will love you more for doing so. Looking forward to seeing you at the Centre and have a great month.

Bev Swann

Last Updated on: 2021-11-12