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October 2021 Newsletter


Hi everyone, and Happy Fall to you all.

Our Centre has been a beehive of activity with all the classes getting underway and new members joining us. This reminds me of a story that happened in my family: My grandson Josh was 11 or 12 years old and he was a very smart boy. One day he came home from school and immediately opened the fridge and announced to his Mom, Angela, that there was no food in there. Angela had just arrived home from Costco with a $500.00 order that was spread all over her very large counter (Ang’s cupboards are never empty) and she said “Josh, what does this look like to you?” He looked at the counter and said “these things are only ingredients, they’re not food”.

Now a Seniors Centre is kinda like that. You are the ingredients and then the Instructors come in and make the food and what a wonderful place this is. I’ve watched faces light up when they know we have a certain class they can attend and learn from people that get them! We have been very fortunate to have the teachers we have, and we’re going to put on another class starting on Thursday from 2:00 PM till 3:30. Learning to Draw will be taught by Ernie Berrow. Ernie studied Graphic Art by correspondence for two years while serving in the Military. He took lessons in oil painting and pursued that as a hobby, then put down the brushes for 30 years. He started doing art again when COVID came along. The class will teach you how to draw in graphic pencil. Drawing, as in any other of the arts, is challenging but rewarding. The more you do and practice the more proficient you will become. Once you are in the bubble of drawing the time goes by very quickly and it is very enjoyable. There is a list of supplies to buy for this class at the Centre when you register for this class as Ernie only wants to teach 10 people at a time.

We have some sad news to tell you, we will not be having Bingo. There are new regulations and it is not feasible for PSADIC to proceed with bingo.

On October 27th the Center will be closed as we will be having our AGM meeting at 1:00 PM. Come to the meeting as this will give you an opportunity to meet the new Board members and thank our President Liz Hintz, Treasurer Patti Cloutier, and Board Member Sandi Langenhan, for taking care of the Centrer all the months it was closed. Every two days the building needed to be checked for insurance purposes and these three ladies did a fabulous job. As a new Board member I have been very humbled by the job they have done and I’ve seen true dedication to keeping all in order. Your attendance will give you a say in how you would like our Centre to operate, and to confirm the new Board members.

Now some exciting ‘NEWS’, we are going to have a Book Sale/ Bake Sale/ and Craft Sale, on Saturday, November 27th from 10:00 to 2:00 with all proceeds for the books and bake goods going to the Centre. We will need your help to make this a successful day, so calling on all bakers to bake a little extra for us, all readers to donate your used books, and if you’re a Crafter book a table for $25.00, payable at the time of booking and do it soon as there are only 13 tables available. Please call the Centre if you’re donating baking, if you can volunteer on the day and/or to help with set-up, or take-down, or to assist with traffic control. The Centers number is 250-248-3200 Kitchen or 250-586-5999 Office. I hope you will have as much fun helping us as we’ve had planning this event. The Centrer will be closed on November 26th so we can do the set-up.

Sandi Langenhan asked me to remind you that every Friday there is a hot meal prepared for you for $9.00. WHAT A DEAL!!! All you have to do is give the Kitchen a call 250-248-3200 and book your lunch ahead of time. The menu is posted by Wednesday and this week it’s chicken strips and chips and salad.

The month’s membership draw winner is Joan Knight, who has won a gift certificate from Thriftys.

So that’s the News for now and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you soon. The Fall colours are so lovely, go for a walk and enjoy them. Happy thoughts.

Bev Swann
your Editor

Last Updated on: 2021-10-28