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Sept 2021 Newsletter


Dear Senior Centre Members,

It’s so nice to start the day with HAPPY NEWS! We can now open the Centre and begin our programs once again. We will be opening on September 22nd with coffee and goodies to buy, and friends to gather with. Wearing your masks when moving around the Centre will be mandatory, but when eating or in activity classes they can be removed. We, the Directors of the Centre, will be looking for your vaccination card/passport. Once we have checked you in we will check off your name on our list so we shouldn’t have to bother you too often. Not all of us will know you and we’ll be asking for volunteers to help with this project for the first while, so if you’re asked to show your passport more than once remember to smile, we’re old, with shorter memories!

We will begin our activities on September 27th and our food service will begin on October 4th. It would be helpful for you to phone ahead with your lunch order so the Kitchen volunteers will have your lunch waiting for you, how nice is that!!!!

I’m including the activity list with times and information about the Centre. Keep this list handy and share it with friends who might like to join you in an activity. As of now, Pam, our Keep Fit leader can only do 2 classes a week on Thursday. The very energetic class will run 9:00-9:45, and then the less energetic class from 10:00-10:45. You will see this change on your activity list. You must be a member to participate.

Other news: Winner of this month’s $20.00 gift card for Thrifty's is Doris Huntley. Congratulations Doris! See, it pays to have a paid Membership with our Centre.

Our Annual Meeting will be held on October 27th at 1:00 PM, the centre will be closed for activities that day, Please mark this on your Calendar.

We are hoping to have Bingo starting in November, I can’t wait to play!

Our Librarian Kate has asked me to let you know you can start bringing your books in next week, so clean out those shelves.

Till we see you next week enjoy the rain - our trees and grass are very happy!!!

Your editor
Bev Swann

Last Updated on: 2021-09-21